The best company in the market, delivering to your doorsteps most commendable Graphite PTFE Packing, Vegetable Fiber Packing, Spiral Wound Gasket, and a lot more....
When a customer seeks to purchase the most commendable quality PTFE Packings, Asbestos PTFE Packing, Fiber Packings, Fiber Rope, Asbestos Products, Aramid Fiber Cloth, etc., they always rely on us- K. K. Packing. We are a business firm that since the date of our inception has made customers witness brilliance in our works of a manufacturer. Each one of our offerings is developed using best grade raw material. We know the value of quality, and always prioritize maintaining strict regulations in our facility so that we excel at everything we do.

Journey of Our Business

Our company, K. K. Packing was formed in the year 1965, in Mumbai of India as an extension of our family business, which was started by Shri Chandubhai H. Shah. The operations of this trading company were given to Mr. Kiran Kumar C. Shah, who had over 18 years of experience in production business of Producing Asbestos & Non Asbestos Textile Products. The company started manufacturing work in the year 1994 and later, son of Mr. Kiran Kumar C. Shah joined him in 2006.

The founder of our company, Shri Chandubhai H. Shah who is also a Director of M/s Vijay Textiles, has a strong personality and great experience in the field of Asbestos industrial products. He shares a superb vision of manufacturing and marketing different kind of Heat Insulation Ropes & Gland Packing Material to the end users and traders as well. Further in the year 1970, we have opened a new branch office in Ahmedabad in the name of Asbestos Trading Agency and another sales office, Asbestos Traders at Baroda, Gujarat.

Mr. Chandubhai H. Shah is a very helpful person who has supported so many individuals to start their own manufacturing business of heat insulation products. Amongst these people, some of them are failed to maintain highest standards in the business and some are reached at the top of success. Even after helping so many people, they didn't maintain any kind of professional or personal relations with our family and forgot all the efforts put by our father. After all these tragic situations, the best part is that we have set-up our own factory in 1980 in the name of M/s Vitex India Packing Industries.

It was the year 1994 when the dream of Mr. Chandubhai H. Shah has fulfilled by his son, Mr. Kiran Kumar C. Shah who has started his own factory at Borivali, western sub urban area of Mumbai (Maharashtra, India). Since then, the company is serving both the national as well as international markets with high quality Industrial Heat Insulation and Friction Products at economical rates. Under the brands- Tiger, Shaktiman & KKK, our entire range of Asbestos & Non Asbestos Heat Insulated Ropes, High Temperature Ceramics, Fiber Glass & Asbestos, Friction Products & Fire Proof Textiles, Tapes, Clothes, Sleeves, Stuffing Box and so on, is available in the market.

Right after completing the graduation, Mr. Kalpesh K. Shah, S/O the Director, joined the company, and enhanced the performance with his young and ambitious mind. He introduced many ideas, and pointed us towards adopting to more advanced technology so that we can continue to improve ourselves. Also, he made us aware of the perks of e-Commerce and guided us on how to make our domains on web portals. If we boast of our machines, then we proudly say that we have installed 4-Track, 3-Track, Auxiliary Press, Bobbin winder & Automatic Coiling Machine & other machines for huge production of Ropes & Gland Packings. High speed needle looms, tape looms & calendering press for production of Webbing Tapes & Cloths.

Today, Mr. Kalpesh K. Shah is handling all the production related work and executing several research & development activities with the mission to develop international quality Non-Asbestos Gland Packings, High Temperature Ropes and Textile Products.

This is the true story of our business where we have faced several ups- & downs and learned important lessons of the life. Belongs to a Hindu-Jain family, we are the followers of 24th Tirthanker Lord Shri Mahavir Swami and truly inspired by his message that Live & To Be Live.

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